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Whistler Fitness Vacations is an empowering program where women from all walks of life work individually to achieve their goals, as a team. You will always feel challenged to achieve your personal milestones, but at the same time, you’ll feel the camaraderie lifting you up.

It’s amazing to be around team-mates who aren’t necessarily your friends, yet who play a pivotal role in your success. Our program is the ideal place to take back some time for yourself and really focus on getting stronger, fitter and healthier.Weight loss boot camp retreat

My experience with the wonderful women here has been so positive. Cat’s knowledge of nutrition was extremely enlightening! Thank you to all of the staff, for your support and smiling faces. I’ll return one day! Tricia Digby Smyth, Ontario

Who Joins Our Weight Loss Boot Camp Retreat?

Much of the time, our guests travel to Whistler from Texas and surrounding states, the Middle East, lots of Canadians… and an increasing number of Washington guests.

New to 2017 we have added luxury lodging to our packages, which has opened up opportunity for group bookings. We hope to welcome bridal parties who are shaping up for the big day, and more Mother-Daughter bookings, as well as girls getaway weeks.

Of course, solo travelers will probably always be our largest signup pattern. Lodging is free for spouses (and dogs) when staying in private guest rooms.

Because Sometimes “Life” Makes Us Heavy

No matter where they are from, there are many reasons why people sign up for our weight loss boot camp retreat. Seldom did they become overweight from not trying everything in the book to get back in shape. Most often they were in awesome shape not long ago, but life took over – from tragedy to injury, overworking to raising busy children. It may have started with ten pounds then escalated into a hundred, however that’s why they are here – to make the change.

We’re so proud of our ‘come as you are, not as you think you should be’ vibe that brings in the nicest, hardest working women from all over the world who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Yes, we are 100% outside, and yes, it does rain. This is a deterrent for some, but for others its the best part of Whistler Fitness Vacations.Weight loss boot camp retreat

Left to right: 40-something Sharon, 50-something Nancy, 20-something Sarah. An ‘all-ages’ team!

Where Everyone Starts At Beginner Fitness Level

It’s rare to get people here who run comfortably – maybe for a few minutes, but not much longer. Our definition of beginner is being slower than 11 minutes to complete a mile, and faster than 25 minutes. This mile is on flat ground or treadmill – it’s recommended to test yourself prior to booking your stay.

We strive to always have a schedule that will challenge everyone, based on all guests being at beginner level when they are here. You should be ready to do lots of walking. Whistler is world famous for it’s hiking trails, and we can’t wait to show you our favorite!

Whistler Fitness Vacations is a weight loss boot camp retreat that focuses on low-impact programming, with exercise that is gentle on the joints. As many of our guests have injuries and physical restrictions, we recommend getting comfortable with being in the water and biking prior to your stay. This is because we need you to be able to bike and swim, if you can’t hike very long. Your stay will not be limited by previous injuries if you meet these requirements.

All guests must be over 21, unless accompanied by a participating guardian. Depending on the package, guardian discount is 10%. We have no upper age limit.

Whatever your academic and sporting background, we bring it back to basics with strategies to bring you success.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations