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Thousands of pounds lost, hundreds of happy customers and 15 years of helping women change their lives. The good buzz from our guests is inspiring us to the moon and back, and we just had to share!


Ashley Masterton

Dearest Cat and the amazing WFV Team Thank you! There are no other words. You’ve all challenged me (physically and emotionally, and I can’t thank you enough. You’ve set me on the path to being both an athlete and adult, plus I can now ride a bike! Never thought that would happen (or the running!) Much love, respect and gratitude! Verify Review


Sheena, Kiyaana, Celina Manji

Dearest Cat, thank you so much for making an exception and accepting us. Its been an amazing week on so many fronts. The week exceeded all of our expectations! You are a wealth of knowledge and the information you have shared with us, we will definitely use and remember. Love. Verify Review


Wendy Bert

Cat, thank you for all your enthusiasm, truth, knowledge, encouragement, and smiles everyday. I am ready to eat healthy and exercise on my own. I will always remember my time here in beautifl Whistler and the great people I met! I will always be grateful for my time spent with you Cat! Verify Review


Sherri G

Cat, thank you for such an amazing journey! Spending time with you and your team has been incredible. Your dedication to sharing your athletic and personal experience has been inspirational. I will leave here a better person for yself and those around me, physically and mentally. Journey on and best always. Verify Review


Kelly Hudson

I am stronger inside and out after 2 weeks at WFV and loaded with information and tips that I can use at home. Getting stronger and losing weight through diet and exercising no longer feels as daunting. It feels almost fun! Hard work but love the reward. So many thanks to you Cat and the guides. I enjoyed the sensational women in my group as well. We cheered each other on! Verify Review


Giannoula Venetsanopoulos, B.C.

It’s been an incredible adventure these past 3 weeks in learning how to take control of my life towards a healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it without your program. Thank you! Verify Review


Sharon Spence, Ontario

Thank you Whistler Fitness Vacations for an amazing month of fitness, adventures and learning! I’ve learnt a lot about balancing my diet and many activities that I can do at home! Verify Review


Martha Israel, Vermont

Whistler Fitness Vacations has been an amazing experience for me. It has empowered me to know that I can be healthy and fit for the rest of my life. Thank you Cat! Verify Review


Kathy Clark, Florida

I am so thankful for finding Cat Smiley and Whistler Fitness Vacations! My week here was much more than I expected – and now I feel equipped to make this happen at home! Many, many thanks! Verify Review

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