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Our Green Commitment

Embracing Our Hippy Side

At Whistler Fitness Vacations, green is a way of thinking, doing business and setting goals for the future. We strive for sustainability not just in our weight loss results but also in the way we protect this incredible planet that we are so privileged to be part of. Our goal is to reconnect people with nature and the simple joys of life.

We go beyond traditional weight loss vacations by providing a practical, affordable platform that disrupts unhealthy habits and builds inspirational leaders. It wakes people up to fresh, simple solutions to eat right, live light and save money. 

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Mighty Manchas – our trustee trail dog for over 10 years. He is since retired but works as an on-demand therapist!

Green Goals That We Have Accomplished

The Planet Friendly Diet is an education system that promotes sustainable weight loss through empowered learning opportunities in both fitness and nutrition. Our food philosophy has been shared through hundreds of happy customers at Whistler Fitness Vacations! It’s a privilege to ‘be the change’ and break family patterns of obesity and malnourishment through sharing our lessons in wellness.

Cooking is a basic life skill that helps connect people with a more wholesome way of eating. The planet friendly principal uses natural foods of the soils, limited packaging and is zero-waste. We are proud to have created a complete one-portion program that is easy to cook and tastes delicious.

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Our weight loss vacations have recycling depots on-site, and guidance is available for those who require. Each week, ingredients are provided for the week ahead, packaged in reusable containers. Guests are also given fabric bags for transportation of groceries.

Ingredients for recipes (no matter how exotic) are sourced from local farmers. If we can’t source ingredients locally, we buy Fair Trade. This ensures that the farmer is paid fairly, which means they can treat his employees fairly – something we all believe in! The Planet Friendly Diet is printed on recycled paper and is sold in major book stores around North America.

Marketing for our weight loss vacations is online (being paper-free is important to us). We do not use print media, and legal documents are signed electronically. The administrative team works remotely as part of our location independent business model.find calm in your life

Living Balanced

We believe in living a balanced life as well as teaching it, employing part-time staff who schedule their work with us around their outdoor fun. Vacations are encouraged and we are proud to pay higher than industry expectation. Financial fitness is part of our core values in health.

Vehicle usage is kept to a minimum, with guests required to embrace ‘active transportation’ to get around daily scheduled activities. We also have a fleet of cruiser bikes.

We are continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to inspire others to live lighter. If you have ideas on how we can further develop our practices, we’d love to hear from you!

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