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Having a safe and happy stay

Whistler Fitness Vacations takes great pride in it’s reputation of being one of North America’s best weight loss resorts for beginner exercisers requiring low-impact programming. Exercise is one of the greatest stress-reducers in the world, yet ironically for many people, it’s the one thing that stresses them out the most. There are lots of reasons why you perhaps feel hesitation about getting started in your fitness journey with us, so let’s answer a few of them here for you. Please reach out to us anytime if you have any concerns that are not addressed.

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Photo taken out our car window, while driving back from a hike 🙂

Bears and wildlife

Whistler is located in prime black bear habitat so whether you are biking on the valley trail, eating lunch in the village or hiking in the wilderness trails with our fitness guides, you may encounter a bear. In 2016 there were 55 tagged bears in Whistler. If you see a black bear; stop, stay calm and maintain a respectful distance. Go around the bear if you can, and if you encounter a bear on the roadside, don’t get out of your vehicle.

Happy trails

Our fitness guides are first aid certified with extensive experience in wilderness rescue and adventure tourism. They know how to navigate the weather, wildlife, unforeseen circumstances and work together as a group. Typically we travel to the trailheads with our support vehicle, unless the road is ambulance accessible within 200 meters of the main highway. As most of our guests are new to backcountry hiking, each group is briefed on the the hikers responsibility code in addition to having their gear checked, before heading out onto the trails.

Secure Payment

We have partnered with Bean Stream Payment Gateway. Our privacy policy can be viewed here – we comply with strict data security standards to process, store and transmit credit card information. To become approved for credit card transactions we had to complete security standards to the highest level. Online payments on Whistler Fitness Vacations are secured with SSL Security Solutions. You can see the SSL Certificate on the payment form, and ‘https’ in our website address. You will also see the closed padlock symbol in your browser, when you complete the transaction. If you prefer to pay by wire, please use these Payment Instructions. You can also contact our Lawyer, Corey Steinberg of Double Diamond Law, to arrange funds to be released via trust (at your expense).

Brand value and reputation

We have accredited membership with the Better Business Bureau. This means that we have made formal commitment to resolve any consumer complaints that may arise. Whistler Fitness Vacations pays an annual fee for accreditation review. We are monitored throughout the year to ensure compliance with BBB Code of Business Practices. We have been held membership with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce since 2001.

Cat Smiley takes full responsibility for delivery of services. She has a strong online presence, and has gained respect from both industry peers and customers. Her social handle is @icatsmiley. We have up to 8 front line staff from May to October, and up to 10 remote staff in our operations team. We are a family based business with two partners behind-the-scenes.

Whistler Fitness Vacations operates under our holding company – Cat Smiley Unlimited. The GST number is #862083896RT0001 on the Canadian Government Registry . We are a sole proprietorship.

Working out with confidence

  • “What if I’m the oldest, or most out-of-shape guest there?”
  • “I don’t want to injure myself!”
  • “Imagine if I do all this work and still don’t lose the weight?”
  • What if I put the weight back on?

Most have asked themselves these things at least once during the signup process! If you have met our base fitness requirements, then we’ve got a program for you. We’ll teach you how to be compassionate with yourself, and that includes setting the right goals for where you are now. The secret lies in knowing your workout training zone, and finding exercise activity that you enjoy. We are well known as one of the best weight loss resorts for women who are starting out on their fitness journey, so feel confident that where you are in your starting point is exactly where you should be. You will never feel left out or left behind. And we’ll guard your safety throughout your stay – that is our promise to you.

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