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10 Amazing Women That Lost Weight & Kept It Off – For Over A Year

Where Are They Now? We Reached Out To Alumni Guests

Losing weight is one thing, but making a permanent change is one of the hardest things in the world. At Whistler Fitness Vacations, we take pride in teaching our guests how to make fitness a way of life. From healthier food patterns through to finding low-calorie food that is enjoyable, our wellness retreat is an investment that gives many years of returns.

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“The good news is that I did not gain any of my weight back. I weigh the same as I did when I left Whistler Fitness Vacations. Your program was so good for me and I am very thankful that you let me do my own thing. That meant a lot. Thank you again Cat for being an inspiration and a great coach.” Cindi, Washington

All good with me! I just loved my Whistler experience and still holding true to the health and fitness principles you instilled in me ! Really a huge THANK YOU again. Diane, Toronto

“Nice to hear from you. I’m doing a 5km run this morning, excited!! Bought a bike and have done a few 3-5 km rides…have gone to zumba too, weights and stretches at home but need to step it up. Last week i started to do more and this week i hope to be in a real routine. I’ve dropped about another 12 lbs being home.” Dominika, Toronto

amazing women

I’m doing great – just sad that I was not able to made it back this year. I continue have smoothie as my breakfast, my son joined me too. We started this ever since I returned from Whistler! I also continue daily workouts. I’m happy and feel full with energies throughout the day!! Thanks Cat, I need to plan 2017 asap!! Gloria, Vancouver

“It has been a great summer. Great to be wearing new fun clothes and summer dresses this year ! Just purchased my dress for our daughters wedding Oct 1, and I am very pleased with the look and size. I am still running – and really enjoying it. Alternating with some swimming and parts of the boot camp drills. Compliments are more motivating than I thought they would be. Thank you for bringing me back on track. If feel more and more like the person I once was.” Jenny, Ottawa

“I’ve made some great changes. Weight is stable. Exercising at least five days a week. I feel good. You helped me to see my body as my friend.” Karen, Manitobaamazing women

“I went home to Colorado and kept going on The Planet Friendly Diet plan. I reached a total loss of 39 lb over the complete 4 month period. What is great is that it has stayed off.  It took me a while to appreciate the experience to it’s true extent, but now I really feel incredibly grateful. Thank you Cat!” Diane, Colorado (shown in picture above).

Whistler Fitness Vacations was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I got addicted to exercise and healthy eating, and reached my “supermodel weight” of 130lbs. That was my goal for wearing my bikini (with pride) when I went to visit family and friends in December. Karen, Vancouver

“All in all, things are fantastic! I have not felt this great in years and I have had many comments about how fit I look. I am living by the motto “if you fail to plan… you plan to fail” Angela, Toronto

Congratulations to all of these amazing women who truly represent the strength and dedication that is important for permanent change. 

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