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runners high with whistler fitness vacations

How To Turn Lactic Acid Buildup Into Runners High

Warning: Do Not Push To This Intensity Without An Experienced Coach Guiding You If you’ve ever been in a workout and felt a wave of nausea, this post is for you. It’s an incredibly liberating feeling to have pushed past your physical limitation and into the pukey zone. Most people see nausea as a sign to Read More

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fitness wagon

Why It’s Not Your Fault You Fell Off The Fitness Wagon This Year

And How To Get Back On Track The best coaches and personal trainers can get people to reach their physical abilities and turn them into permanent exercisers. They know within the first 5 minutes if their client is a feeling, seeing, doing or listening kind of learner. This is what keeps them on the fitness Read More

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essential kitchen tools

Ready, Set…Cook! 9 Essential Kitchen Tools You Need To Get Started

The Minimalists Kitchen If the best thing you can make is ‘reservations’, learning to cook will be an empowering challenge that will make you feel proud! While it may take a while to get used to your food not tasting quite as good as the restaurant, practice makes perfect. Getting started is undoubtedly the hardest Read More

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cat smiley travel writer

Review: Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Golf & Spa Resort (Mexico)

7 Luxurious Days In Cabo San Lucas Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar was such a great place to visit. Not only was it easy to get to from Vancouver, the stay was effortless and as I left, I thought to myself that this would be one of the few places in the world that I would fly to Read More

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whistler fitness vacations instagram

Whistler Fitness Vacations Instagram Now Has Over 10,000 Followers!

@ Whistler Fitness Vacations instagram We have worked hard to get here, but now we definitely have reached a milestone! Wrapping up 2016 with 10,000 followers on Whistler Fitness Vacations instagram account was a buzz. Many thanks to all of you who have supported us on our instagram journey. You have made social media less of a Read More

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Here’s A Quick Way To Make Buckwheat Taste Good

Nutty Vanilla Buckwheat Muffin Recipe If you’re trying to be gentle with yourself this year, starting the day off and being really well organized with your food is key. Buckwheat is one of the most underrated ingredients on peoples shopping list because most don’t really know what to do with it. So this is the Read More

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tongariro alpine crossing

Tongariro Alpine Crossing: New Zealand’s Epic Volcano Hike

Hiking In Middle Earth Tongariro Alpine Crossing is known as the countries best day hike. Ask any active kiwi if they’ve done it and most will tell you that they either have done it, or it’s on their list! They’ll also refer to it as a ‘tramp’, which is the local word for hike. Tramping is Read More

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stay naturally slim

Smart People Do These 3 Things To Stay Naturally Slim

Steal Their Tricks, Then Share The Heck Outta Them (Every Woman Needs To Know)  Are you tired of doing the same old workout routine, going on yet another diet plan, in hopes that this time you’ll finally reach your goal weight? If getting on the weight loss bandwagon feels like groundhog day, this post is for Read More

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whistler fitness vacations

You Too Can Get Fit Permanently In Just 7 Days with Whistler Fitness Vacations

8 Alumni Guests Who Found Success Losing weight and getting in shape is much easier at our controlled Whistler environment, as compared to home. But how much of a difference can 7 days really make? And what’s not to say that you won’t just put all the weight back on when you go home?  One reason: Read More

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green smoothie

How To Make A Green Smoothie (That You’ll Actually Enjoy)

My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe Most of us know what will make the morning after a night out, just little more bearable. For some, it’s too much coffee. For others, it’s deep-fried hash browns and eggs at the diner. For me, it’s a super healthy juice smoothie – and I’ll tell you exactly how I make it taste great. What Read More

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