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Cut Fruits & Vegetables The Right Way With This Simple Formula

Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

Since eating more fruits and vegetables is the obvious way to accelerate natural weight loss, time spent in the kitchen will involve chopping at least one kind one way or another. It can often seem easy to just hop in and get cutting naturally. I mean, we’ve all cut fruits before, right?

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Uneven chunks and wasted slices, however, won’t bode well for both your healthy smoothie recipe and money. Plus, studies show that cutting fresh vegetables properly causes lesser damage and less electrolyte leakage. To get the most out of this produce-rich diet, learn how to cut fruits and veggies the right way. Here’s the formula!

cut fruits

1: Wash Produce First

To ensure cleanliness and safety, wash the fruit and veggie ingredients you need before chopping.  We’re all about eating more natural and raw foods but that raises the risk for bacteria like e.coli because of the use of organic fertilizers, the water used in irrigation, and dirt present in the soil. 

Pay special attention to produce that don’t come in packages and have the most soil. Wash them thoroughly under a big bowl of water and run under a final rinse.

cut fruits

2: Use A Good, Sharp Knife

You won’t need expensive and fancy tools to start cooking but having the right knife will reduce prep time and create clean pieces, all the while minimizing your risk for injury. It also helps maintain correct chopping technique and precision.

Leafy greens: Flat knives don’t cut all the way through and tend to make unattractive marks. Use serrated knives instead.

Hard squash and root vegetables: For hard to cut produce like carrots and sweet potatoes, using a blunt knife will need that extra pushing action that only puts you in danger when you’re a beginner. Use a sharp and smooth chef’s knife instead.

Soft fruit: A serrated knife works best for cutting soft fruits. 

Get the right knife with the blade at least 1½ inches at the widest point so that it’s easier to rock it on the cutting board while chopping.

cut fruits

3: Use A Cutting Board About The Size Of A Kitchen Sink

Aside from a sharp knife, having a big board (about the size of the kitchen sink) is also essential for cutting ingredients safely. If you don’t have any, get one or ask your friends if they have extra. With a big board, you’ll have a safer space to maneuver the knife and cut pieces effectively from different angles. It also streamlines the process since you can simply move pieces out of the way when you’re done.

cut fruits

4: Proper Hand Position

  1. Hold the produce in place with your less dominant hand. Keeping a safe distance, cut down with the knife using your other hand.
  2. Have your fingers curled inwards towards your palm. The knuckles should be the closest thing to the knife.
  3. Since you’re still getting the hang of it, don’t forget to cut slowly and surely until you gain confidence.

Here at Whistler Fitness Vacations, we have our own 21-day program where guests learn to cook in their own pace and in the privacy of their own kitchen. But now that you know that cutting fruits and vegetables correctly only takes a change in tools and technique, you can create healthy meals you need at the comfort of your own home. All that’s left is practice!

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