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fitness routine

DIY Trainer: How To Put Together Your Own (Awesome) Fitness Routine

Workout Design – By You, For You

Whether you’re a fitness buff or still trying to figure out how to get off the couch… (darn NetFlix reruns!) we all know that it’s not that easy to jump right into a fitness routine. And can we all agree that it’s downright confusing!?

So let’s get you in the right starting place – learning the foundation. These are the things that all personal trainers like me learn on their course. Do the same thing and you’ll set yourself up for a lifelong ability to achieve optimal success in your training – in a way that is specific to your goals.

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fitness routine

7 Ingredients Of A Perfect Fitness Routine 

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Coordination and Balance
  • Body composition and Flexibility

To get the most out of your exercises, try to do an exercise or two that challenges you in each of the seven components. This might be standing on one leg after each squat (balance and strength combo), or putting some muscle into your yoga class.fitness routine

Next, Learn To Put Them Together

F.I.T.T. principles are the second foundation and they mean:

  • F for Frequency: refers to how often or frequent the training will be e.g. 5 day/weeks.
  • I for Intensity: refers to the intensity of the training. Can be measured by heart rate/weight lifted etc.
  • T for Time: refers to the duration of each training session e.g. 2 hours.
  • T for Type: refers to the type of training that is to be employed e.g. strength training.

Now, this is the meaty part of the workout planning, where you figure out how to run the engine effectively. Learning to set up your workout to be exactly the way you love it is truly empowering. Once you learn this, you’re on your way to becoming a life-long exerciser. Whaaaaat? [YAY]fitness routine

The Two Hand in Hand

The components of fitness and the F.I.T.T. principles work together for you to safely get the most of an exercise program.

Because before you start exercising, you’d first have to identify your goals and where your fitness lies correspondingly in the component/s  you’re aiming to condition and change.

Not knowing what you’re doing and where you’re going is like blindly running off into a run, Forest Gump style, not really having an end point. It will be hard to stay on track as there are not measurable goals. For example, losing weight requires training for aerobic endurance and strength more than anything else in order to lose fat, build muscle and boost your metabolism.

Instead, approach your fitness routine with the design format that combines components and principles addressed above. This is how a trainer puts together your workouts, so it’s a good thing for you to learn how to do in your own workouts. Once you know that, it will be easier to say yes to workouts that will result in your success. As well, you’ll know exactly how much weight will challenge you – and how many repetitions.fitness routine

The Best Type of Exercises For You

For people who are overweight or obese, the type of exercise becomes important where the impact is concerned. It is known that running produces up to 4 times the force on joints such as in the knees, hips, and ankles compared to walking. If you are overweight, this means your legs will have to be extra strong to be able to manage this impact! Overweight people work much harder to feel good in their workouts because of this. It doesn’t seem fair! But you will have success in your training while as well staying injury free by finding some fun, low impact workouts.

Our Low Impact Workouts In Whistler  

Take some time to examine your current exercise routine. Above all, you need to enjoy it and feel comfortable – as well as making sure that you get the results that you are after. Exercising correctly gives you the most benefits and over time, the balance of the mind, body, and soul to enjoy a truly healthy life.

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