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essential kitchen tools

Ready, Set…Cook! 9 Essential Kitchen Tools You Need To Get Started

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If the best thing you can make is ‘reservations’, learning to cook will be an empowering challenge that will make you feel proud! While it may take a while to get used to your food not tasting quite as good as the restaurant, practice makes perfect. Getting started is undoubtedly the hardest part, and Not having the tools to cook no longer needs to be your excuse. Here are the essential kitchen tools you will ever need to cook. It sounds logical, but if you’ve been microwaving TV dinners and heating up takeout in your kitchen, you’ll probably need to stock up on the essential kitchen tools. Ask friends if they have extra before buying — it might inspire them to de-clutter and organize their kitchen.

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essential kitchen tools

Essential Kitchen Tools

  • Large stainless steel pan — save calories by reducing the need for oils.
  • Large deep pot — for boiling beans and other vegetables.
  • Kitchen blender — get a metal-based, glass blender with at least 8 speed settings. It will cost you more, but blenders are not where you want to save money. You’ll be making smoothies every day, and a good blender will save sticky explosions and uncrushed strawberries!
  • Wooden chopping board — about the size of the sink. I love the big bamboo kinds, or stop by your local farmer’s market for one made of native wood.

essential kitchen tools

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  • Heavy sharp knife — don’t buy a cheap one from the grocery store; it’ll just cause you frustration. Choose a good one so that you will get into the habit of correct chopping technique and precision right from the be- ginning of your newfound love of cooking!
  • Wooden spoon — anything else will scratch your pan. You’re fine to go cheap on this at the grocery store; it’s nothing special.
  • Airtight containers — for storing leftover portions and food prepared in advance. Buy a bunch, the more the merrier.
  • Freezer bags, plastic cling wrap and lots of ice cube trays.
  • Aluminum foil — you’ll need this for baking fish in the oven to save scrubbing the tray afterwards.

Happy cooking and let me know how you get on! 🙂

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