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First 21 Days Of Exercise

Discover The Magic Of The First 21 Days of Exercise

What Happens To Your Body When You Commit To Fitness For Just 3 Weeks

Has this happened to you?

You’ve done the reading about how exercise can change your life.

They say it boosts endorphins that maximize your happiness. It’s the promising cure to nearly everything in life from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and depression to obesity. And most hyped of all, it’s the solution to that extra weight you’ve been meaning to rid of.

Blah blah blah it’s that great, same old stuff everyone’s been telling you for years. And yet you’re thinking maybe you’ll give this exercise thing a go. Maybe you’ll just take a small step in the right direction this week, and see how it goes. 

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So you search workout videos on YouTube, and uncover beginner friendly exercises on Pinterest.

This was it, you said. The time you start changing your life for the better!

Day 4 rolls around. Your indecisive friends suddenly have the best getaway plan in store. Everything is tempting and you wonder if your workout is really worth missing out on everything better going on.

And you give in. Maybe you’ll start up again next week. But then next week comes and you can’t get off the couch. 

first 21 days of exercise

The Magic Of The First 21 Days of Exercise

Actually starting to exercise is already half the battle but what’s next isn’t so easy: consistency. But, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Everyone falls off the wagon here and there and the trick to getting back on track is knowing for sure that it’s worth it.

Did you know that we don’t even need a full month of exercise to gain results? There’s magic in the first 21 days of exercise. And they are a crucial passage to lifelong fitness.

Although this is generally not a long enough period to allow for great adaptations to occur, it resets your systems that set the body up for continued success down the line in your fitness journey.

first 21 days of exercise

You lose fat!

Exercise will cause a dramatic increase in metabolism that calls upon both stored energy – those stored in fat and muscle glycogen – and recently ingested energy from food to maintain the increase.

Often, the most readily available fuel sources are those stored near and within the working tissues to meet the energy requirement. You know what that means, you’ll be losing fat in the process.

As your body becomes more efficient at utilizing this stored fuel through exercise, you will be able to increase the number of calories burned – even at rest!

first 21 days of exercise

Improved Cholesterol 

Way too often what stops us from being consistent is we don’t visibly see results. But a well-defined waist or dramatic fall in the weighing scale shouldn’t be the factors to know we’re successful in exercising. Because you’re already successful as long as you have a fighter spirit and are improving your health inside!

During the first three weeks, there will be an overall decrease in cholesterol since high-density lipoproteins (HDLs or good fats) are mobilized more and more as you increase activity. These HDLs are responsible for the removal of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs or bad Fats) from artery walls that cause obstructions. You will also improve the condition of your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs).

first 21 days of exercise

Tracking Your Progress

When just getting into exercise, we recommend booking a few sessions with a trainer as you have an expert to create a safe program specific to your goals and a guide in the initial moments of difficulty.

Pre-testing will be carried out in order to establish “base” level standards. This will include measures of height, weight, resting blood pressure, girths, and 1 RM (1 repetition maximum, or the most you can lift in one effort) – all those performance-based tests you will need to determine your initial state.

These tests will be carried out again post-program.  This is how you can be assured that a program is giving you results!

The first 21 days of exercise definitely aren’t a breeze.

Yet though it might not seem to make a big difference outside, it’s working wonders for our health inside. For all those physical, mental and life benefits that exercise promises, isn’t that a worthy investment?

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