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Getting to Whistler is easy, thanks to the 2010 Olympics that were hosted in our town. We made way for millions to journey their way up the stunning Sea-to-Sky highway, which is one of the most scenic roads in the world. Whistler is located in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains, just two hours north of Vancouver. We have a permanent population of about 10,000 people, in addition to a larger, rotating population of ‘transient’ workers.

Meals start on Monday. There are lots of places to eat in town on Sunday night, which is also a nice opportunity to meet other new guests. The gateway airport is YVR – Vancouver International Airport. 

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Your stay is Sunday to Saturday. Fly into YVR on Sunday before around 1pm or so. Initiation meeting is 5.30pm Sunday (check in after 4pm).

Fly out on Saturday from around noon. Most shuttles on Saturday start around 7am. It’s 2-3 hours drive to the airport. So if traveling internationally, really the earliest flight you could catch is about 11.30am on Saturday. The program ends at 2pm Friday so if you want to leave then you can. Do not get Vancouver in Canada confused with Vancouver in Washington! 

What other hiking vacations in Canada can you arrive with this kind of style? Harbor Air flies from Vancouver to Whistler from May to September, and takes around 45 minutes. It’s a beautiful flight.

hiking vacations in Canada

Click here for information on driving to Whistler from Vancouver, Seattle and YVR Airport – also for conditions, weather, accidents, maps and up-to-the-minute delays. Driving directions to your lodging is located in the registration area of this site. Kindly note, parking fees will apply and can be upwards of $20 per day as per the strata management. For this reason, we recommend that you go car-free during your stay at Whistler Fitness Vacations. 

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Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations

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