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Dining Guide (After Program)

Planet Friendly Places To Eat*

While at Whistler Fitness Vacations structured program used for guests on their weight loss getaways, you’ll be strictly following The Planet Friendly Diet with provided food only. However on arrival day and upon completion of your stay, you’ll have opportunity to try some of Whistler’s amazing restaurants. If you prefer to continue evening dinners from our meal plan, you will also have that option as ingredients are provided until Sunday evening. weight loss getaways

*Menu’s are accurate as of Aug 1, 2016 and reflect guidelines similar The Planet Friendly Diet. 


Gone Village Eatery, open from 7am, has the perfect first meal after being on smoothies for a while. The poached West Coast egg and smoked salmon on an English muffin comes in a half serving, and is about 350 calories (shown below).

Elements Urban Tapas is across the street from the Cascades and opens at 8am. It’s the perfect Saturday breakfast for you and friends who have also finished Whistler Fitness Vacations. Try the eggs benny and potato tartlet (hold the cream) with either tomato and avocado, smoked salmon or crab. The oatmeal option may be too carb heavy to eat as your first meal.


Gone Village Eatery again makes the cut, with their deliciously awesome soups. For less than 300 calories, you’re out of there for about $8 but just make sure you hold the bread, as it’ll be too much after your detox at WFV. Other good choices are Green Moustache super salad, which is near the IGA.


La Cantina has excellent salads that are around 500 calories. The bar-like vibe is great for either eating solo or with friends; you can easily do your thing while reading a book, or people watching. Choose any of their salad options – they have nuts, quinoa and plenty to fill you up.

If you feel like some wine, west coast salads at both Earls and Milestones are great. Add salmon and shrimp, for extra protein. For sushi, we recommend the one on Northlands Blvd (near IGA) called Nagomi Sushi. Go light on the rice but enjoy their sashimi salad, miso soup and one roll of your choice. This will make your meal less than 500 calories.
Saturday snack – delicious fruit salad!


Starbucks has Odwalla and Happy Planet fresh juices in their display fridge – you can ask to blend it with protein and it makes a pretty good super smoothie, like the one that you’ve been having during your stay. The smoothies at Green Moustache last time checked didn’t have ice available. Naked Sprout has excellent green smoothies. Watch the calories when buying smoothies – some can get quite high.

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