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How To Jump Back Into Fitness When You’ve Lost Your Groove

4 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself Again

The road to getting (and staying) in great shape is never a skip off into the sunset.

Sometimes you’re going to blow off your workouts, sign up for expensive gym memberships and never go. You might have injuries that derail your motivation back to zero. And that darn birthday cake in the fridge just isn’t going to eat itself!

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The reality is, everyone at some point will toss their fitness regimens to the side. Even the fittest have their weak moments of giving in to their beds rather than hitting it hard at the gym.

So today I want to share with you guys my favorite ways to turn the music up and get back into fitness when it happens to me! Because you can too, and it feels so good to be on track.

back into fitness

1/Why Do You Want To Get Back Into Fitness?

Ahhh… those ‘whys.’

Remember that exercising is not a punishment for what you ate – or a gimmick to fill in your precious spare time. It’s about turning your life around. Exercise is essential to living life to the fullest.

To get back into fitness with enthusiasm, try to envision a healthy future. Think of all the benefits to having a healthy future – being able to play with your grandkids, taking vacations comfortably, being able to feel good in your clothes.

Most likely, you started to workout because you wanted a better life for yourself.

Or possibly, you want to celebrate and discover what your body is capable of – to shape it to a place where you feel confident.

When trying to find the reasons to get back into fitness, first reflect on the ‘whys’. Remember the greatest driving point that made you start exercising in the first place.

back into fitness

2/Change Your Workout Structure

It’s common to get bored of your workouts. Changing your workout sets, repetitions, and order will keep you challenged by giving muscles new stimulus. Here at our weight loss retreat, we continually bring new sequences to workouts to maintain that fun variety while guests work on their progress.

At home, educate yourself with new workout ideas with fitness magazines and books. Or better yet, hire a personal trainer. There are different approaches to fitness so expect fresh or exciting ways to challenge yourself.

back into fitness

3/Hire Your Kid As Your Trainer!

Trainers are not the only people out there who can put you back on your feet. Once, I grabbed a 10-year-old neighbor who was always shooting hoops at the school where I was trying to motivate myself to do sprint training. I asked his mom first, but essentially the deal was that I’d give him $1 per sprint I did.

All he had to do was make me do it.

His mom agreed and whenever I’d slack off or make excuses, he’d come find me at my house and said, “You said you would be here doing sprints!” And so I’d feel ethically obliged to do what I told this kid I would do….sprints. Got into the shape of my life that summer!

back into fitness

4/Give Yourself The Moment

Cups of tea, books to read, phone call with a friend, early nights, hot showers… these things are no different than exercise in the way they gather positive vibes and feed your soul.

What makes you happy?

Try to think about your own needs even if just for 10 minutes.

As women, it’s so easy to put everyone else first. Take the time to embrace doing something special, for you only. Give it to yourself. Reset your perception of what that moment is about. You can’t always give if you don’t take.

Small Changes, Big Results

We understand it’s not easy but the outcome is always and absolutely worth it. Most importantly, you don’t have to do it alone. Whether it’s paying your kids for motivation or ditching the happy hour for an exercise class with your girlfriends, these small changes will give you rewards that will last for a long time!

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