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Guided Cardio Adventures

Hiking, Biking and Kayaking

The pinnacle experience at Whistler Fitness Vacations is the adventure that comes with two giant mountains – and endless ways to explore. Every day, you’ll be hiking or biking the valley or alpine trails with our friendly nature/fitness guides. This is between the Kick Ass Workouts® of the day – the award winning fitness class schedule that will uncover your athletic potential.

Our staff-to-customer ratio is the best in the business, with up to semi-private groups carefully assigned based on your pace and comfort level. One of the great things about our program is that we are exclusively for beginners. We keep a pretty good pace on the trails, always in your training zone. You’ll never feel too fast, or too slow!

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Hiking and Trail Running

Discover the ancient glaciers and volcanic history of both the Whistler valley and alpine while revisiting the iconic places made famous by the 2010 Olympic Games. Have lunch under the Olympic rings on Blackcomb Mountain, or snap a photo with the Inukshuk on the Top of The World at the Whistler peak. We provide multiple group levels each hike, with route plans and intensity carefully designed each day, for each guest, by our fitness director. This means that you will feel safe and confident in your abilities.

Whistler’s incredible valley links over 40kms of multi-use trails that wind between the stunning lakes, forests and rivers. Alpine hiking is scheduled for guests looking to challenge themselves in the world famous Peak2Peak accessed terrain during summer. Some guests have told us that our program is like other walking vacations yet with the added benefit of focused fitness guidance and structured weight loss. We try not to compare ourselves to anyone else, but if walking vacations are your thing, you’ll most certainly love Whistler Fitness Vacations. 

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Hiking trails include the Whistler Golf Course, Cut Yer Bars, Chekamus Riverside Loop, Overlord Loop, Lakeside Loop, Decker, High Note, Half Note, Molly Hogen, Tin Pants, River Runs Through It, Rainbow Flank (lower), Blueberry Trail, Loggers Lake, Emerald Forest, Train Wreck, and Harmony Lakes.




Friday is fun day when we celebrate the end of the week in style! Fitness kayaking in one of the valleys most picturesque lakes just south of the village is one of the best aerobic workouts of the week. With kayaks and lifejackets to fit all sizes, even if you’ve never paddled before you’ll quickly get the hang of it with the stable single boats and detailed instructions from our friends at Whistler Eco Tours. With professionally qualified kayak instructors on hand to give you tips, soon you’ll be joining the others on interval sprints and perhaps even a race to the beach! Kayaking are free-sessions meaning that while there is a guide in the water, you can choose to follow or do your own thing.

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Take in the stunning landscape of Whistler’s valley while cruising along the 40km paved trails that link our best scenic spots. With the company of our experienced fitness guides, you’ll love the customized routes that we put together for you, based on your fitness needs and biking experience. Our fleet of Townie Cruiser bikes have big padded seats and high handle bars so that any guest over 5’2 can ride safely. Hiking and biking is part of the aerobic requirement needed to achieve your body transformation goals. For this reason, training targets are carefully assigned, and heart rate monitors are essential.


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Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations