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The fitness schedule at Whistler Fitness Vacations has the perfect combination of weight-bearing exercises and resistance training. Our fitness boot camp retreat includes hiking, biking, kayaking and fitness classes that maximize the intensity of your workout. We know that beginner bodies don’t work at the same speed sometimes as our enthusiasm, so we’ve put together the perfect day of Kick Ass Workouts® so that you can still train like a champion!

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Weight-bearing exercises (such as hiking) will strengthen and build your bones. It’s an excellent way to slow down bone loss as you age. Walking is easier for most of our guests than running, so we make it amazing with incredible hiking routes and high-intensity hills. Some build up to running for a few minutes on the flatter terrain – the dirt trails are nice on the joints. We also go on big walks around the famous Valley Trail of Whistler, our stunning pedestrian road that winds 40kms around rivers, lakes and forests.

Fitness boot camp retreat

You’ll improve quickly here at Whistler Fitness Vacations. Each day, you’ll be challenged to the next level – as you use new muscles, your heart and lungs will work harder, building your fitness with fast progression. When you’ve been doing the same workouts for a while, it can be hard to push yourself to the level that you need to lose weight. Our combination of interval training on a variety of terrain will keep your body challenged without exhausting your muscles.

Thank you…two simple words but with such profound meaning. My 3-week stay at Whistler Fitness Vacations has been an incredible adventure of learning how to take back control of my life. I couldn’t have done it without your program! Giannoula Venetsanopoulos, B.C.

Designing your day

We meet you at your level, then show you how to push your workouts to the limit. For example, for those who can’t walk much longer than an hour, we’ll make up your time with an amazing bike ride while the more advanced group goes on a longer hike. Then perhaps you’ll join one the Kick Ass Workouts® classes in the afternoon – Mindful Stretch, Weight Training, Learn to Run, or Water Boot Camp. There is plenty for you to do at our fitness boot camp retreat, and the day will pass by quickly!

One of the greatest rewards that come from fitness holidays like ours, is the continual feeling that you are making progress. With reasonable goals and playful opportunities to enjoy your exercise experience, you’ll be surrounded by a positive team of women who believe that they can achieve their daily fitness goals.

Fitness boot camp retreat

This was a great kick-start back to fitness, and a healthy diet. The guides were great and I loved Whistler! Thanks. Bobbi Norris, California

Rewrite the script

Accepting what you can’t change is one thing, but how you react to it is another. When you find yourself struggling to find ways to workout without aggravating an old injury (or triggering a new one) it may be the time to enlist the guidance of Whistler Fitness Vacations. We will help you discover the physical activity that works best for your body, and are well equipped to work with individuals who have medical conditions that require special care.

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Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations

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