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Master Trainer Cat Smiley Reveals Her Best Workout Formula (Of All Time)

Accelerate Your Results With This Heart Healthy, Fat-Busting Workout Combo

Do you have one hour to workout?

One golden hour that nothing else matters except you and your fitness goals?

That’s wonderful.

But lets say that your weight loss is the goal. Should you go trail running for an hour, or do some interval training on the beach? There are many conspiracies and conversations about what works the most effectively when it comes to blasting the most fat in the shortest time possible.

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Award Winning Personal Trainer Cat Smiley explains!Trainer Cat Smiley

Comfortable Beast Mode

Continuous training is aerobic exercising in a steady way for a specified period of time, usually about 30 to 90 minutes or more. Aerobic is derived from the Latin term that means ‘with oxygen’. Your heart rate is working in the zone where it is comfortable to talk to a friend, but you’re huffing and puffing too much to call the office.

This heart rate is calculated between 65 and 85% depending on your fitness level. If you’re super fit, getting the zone at 85% is going to feel more anaerobic. Subtract your age from 220 and multiply by 65 to 85% – recommend getting a good heart rate monitor from your local running store so that you can plug in the zones. It’ll beep at you if you’re going too slow!Trainer Cat Smiley

Up-And-Down Like A Roller Coaster 

Interval training is alternating bouts of intense workout ranging from 30 seconds to several minutes, with a recovery period of 1 to 5 minutes. During this recovery period, you walk around, jog slowly or stand still completely and catch your breath.

Some people feel like they’re not making the most of their hour of workout because this recovery phase can feel like there’s lots of standing around. However if you’re giving it your ‘all out’ effort, then it’s indeed highly productive and effective.

Interval training involves exercising in the anaerobic threshold, which is the Latin term that means ‘without oxygen’, or in other words, “out of breath”.Trainer Cat Smiley

The Optimal Training Zone

Say’s Trainer Cat Smiley, “The secret workout for losing weight at the fastest, most permanent pace has been found to be at 79% of Maximum Heart rate for 20 minutes of interval training.”

This was the most efficient exercise intensity in fat oxidations – therefore, the fasted weight loss. This number was figured out by exercise scientists. Their study put both obese people and trained athletes through their paces to determine the exercise intensities in which fat reduction was maximized.Trainer Cat Smiley

Kick Ass Workout Design

Kick ass workouts are trainer Cat Smiley ‘s trademarked boot camp sessions that last just one hour but are highly effective. Once you’ve completed your workout in the super sweaty heart pounding zone, add on some mood boosting cardiovascular training. Things like swimming, running, hiking, biking or if you’re inside, watch a movie on the elliptical.

The effect of regular aerobic exercise (training at a pace that is comfortable to talk) on fat loss specifically is moderate in most cases. Yet don’t let that stop you from making it an important part of your wellness routine. Cardio training in the aerobic zone is a great way to unwind, build a healthy heart and boost all round well-being.

But when it boils down to how to use your one hour most effectively, power out some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for 20 minutes then follow it up with boot camp style workouts.

This system is how we workout at Whistler Fitness Vacations . She ensures everyone stays in their training zone. This training zone is incredibly effective in optimal weight loss.

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Cat Smiley

Cat Smiley

Fitness Director at Whistler Fitness Vacations
Cat Smiley is a certified Life Coach, Master Trainer, Wilderness Guide and Sports Nutritionist (author of The Planet Friendly Diet). She has been named 3-time Canadian Trainer of the Year by the International Sports Science Association and is a former professional athlete. Follow her on Linkedin or Facebook - and of course, sign up for a fitness program with us to work with her in Whistler!
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