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Why It’s Not Your Fault You Fell Off The Fitness Wagon This Year

What I’d Say To You, If You Were My Client

The best coaches and personal trainers can get people to reach their physical abilities and turn them into permanent exercisers. They know within the first 5 minutes if their client is a feeling, seeing, doing or listening kind of learner. This is what keeps them on the fitness wagon.

Yet a trainer is only one tool out there to get you into great shape. It’s not in everyones budget, or social preference, or lifestyle to have a fitness expert guide that area of their health. This post is about sharing with you how to train to the same intensity, and level of motivation, when nobody is there to push you.whistler fitness vacations

What Kind Of Athletic Learner Are You?

There are four different types of learners, and although the one that you are is not always set-in-stone, you could also be a blend of a couple. Understanding the way that you learn and retain information best when it comes to motor skills and your physical movements will optimize the results that you’ll get from your trainer.

  1. Feeling
  2. Seeing
  3. Doing
  4. Listening

The one that you choose first is likely the way that you learn. Scroll down to learn more, I’ll explain 🙂fitness wagon

Learner Type #1: Feeling

I’d know that you’re the ‘feeling kind’ of athletic learner when I ask “How great does that feel?” and you get pumped up. Because actually, it feels pretty good. And yeah, you could do it again. Our training sessions together would focus on capturing the emotion of a kick ass workout, bottling it into the memory bank and tapping into that same muscle group when it’s time for round two.

Stay motivated when training solo by being aware of how you feel when you move. Love that burning sensation in your thighs when you squat and say it to yourself in silence. “Oh yes, that feels so good” is the kind of positive reinforcement that you need to keep going.

fitness wagon

Moving to being an independent exerciser is an exciting and liberating experience.

Learner Type #2: Seeing

I’d know that you’re the ‘seeing kind’ of athletic learner when you connect when I say things like : “Watch how deep Sarah goes in her squats”. It’s not the kind of watching thats creepy or showing off, or anything like that. It’s demonstrating and explaining the bio-mechanics behind the movement that will hopefully make sense to you, so that you can do it as well. If you’re motivated by seeing others do things first, then being in a group would be best for you. Join group classes, get connected or watch streamed classes, online. You’d also do well with being at the back of the class most of the wagon

Learner Type #3: Doing

I’d know that the ‘doing kind’ of athletic learner whenyou thrive on your trainer saying: “Good! Do it again“. Forest Gump was this. He just kept running!

And as for me, if you were in my fitness class I’d get you to focus on the repetition of movement, bringing my coaching format into a powered up episode of Rocky. This will keep the wheels of the fitness wagon turning.

Doers are easier to bring out the inner tiger as they are deeply motivated with words. Most top athletes are learning-by-doing kind of people who like to think ahead and solve problems backwards. They usually learn quickly from their mistakes, motivating them to improve their wagon

Learner Type #4: Listening

You know that you’re the ‘listening type’ of learner when you like having things explained to you in detail. You need to know where you’re going in your workout, and surprises are not your favorite! “First you [insert 5 minute explanation here] and then…”

The listener learner often overthinks things and for that reason, spends more time standing around talking than actually moving. To stay on the fitness wagon for the long term, practice letting go of the need for extensive explanations and try to feel, do, and experience it more…then write everything down afterwards, so that you can process and remember it.

Fitness is not complicated when you figure out what drives your highest performance. Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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