Why Overweight People (Almost) Never Get Osteoporosis

Do You Recognize The 3 Early Warning Signs Of Osteoporosis?

Most women don’t prioritize bone strength (and osteoporosis prevention) in the same way as losing weight and getting into good physical shape. However what many don’t realize is that carrying a little extra mass can actually help strengthen your bonesstrengthen your bones

What is Osteoporosis? Dr. Google (otherwise known as ‘Web MD’) defines this condition as referring to bones that are porous. Bones are rebuilt thought our lifetime. They are made up of collagen and a calcium mineral that makes the bone hard. Osteoporosis is a result of losing minerals and calcium. This in turn thins your bones. If you’re not absorbing enough calcium in your diet, your body takes it from your bones so that your muscles and heart can stay healthy.

strengthen your bones

#1 Your Back Hurts, And You Can’t Figure Out Why

If you haven’t really been doing anything that has put strain on your back, but it’s still sore, perhaps cut back on your meat intake. Excessive animal protein for your body weight can lead to excessive loss of calcium in the urine. Do this for a couple of decades and you may find out too late that you’ve been failing to meet your calcium needs. It’s not how much we eat that matters, it’s how much we absorb. Calcium is in the prevention of osteoporosis.

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#2 Even Though You ‘Stand Up Straight’, You Don’t Feel Straight..

Your Mom might not be around as much these days to tell you to sit up straight, and to look up when you walk – but if doing these things becomes challenging for you, it may indicate that something is wrong. If somewhere between the aches and pains there are changes to your vertebrae that are affecting your posture, take note. Do some yoga – and start strength training!

Not only does lifting weights prevent you from losing precious existing bone, studies show that it might even help you build new bone. This exciting news is a major breakthrough in reducing risk of osteoporosis-related conditions in the aging population. It will also prevent falls – the stronger you are, the more balance and coordination you will maintain.

Muscles and bones both get stronger from regular workouts, which means any weight-bearing exercises. Even water aerobics can be weight-bearing! Anything that forces your movements to push against gravity will build new bone because your muscles pull on bones when you work them. This is why overweight people with a BMI over 33 almost never get osteoporosis – because they are putting (positive) stress on their bones to do everyday activities, therefore causing their bones to adapt.

strengthen your bones

#3 The Stress Monster Is Eating You For Breakfast

You’ve heard it a hundred times – stress is bad for your health. But did you know that the higher levels of cortisol hormone can lead to also a higher rate of cell death in the cells that build your bones?

When your cortisol levels are escalated for a few years too long, there’s a really strong chance that you are tapping into your bone reserve. Researchers have found that walking just one mile a day can help.

Another side-effect of living in stress is often eating too much salt and fat. This usually leads to weight gain, and it also circles back to my first point about losing extra calcium in the urine. And if you’re not getting enough calcium in your diet, your body takes it from your bones, so that your muscles and heart can stay healthy.

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