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Sleep Changes Your Life

Little-Known Ways That Sleep Changes Your Life (For The Better)

Why You Should Go To Bed Early – Tonight! 

Sleep has become indispensable in our every-day health. It’s the boost we need to take on anything life presents our way and it’s the key to keeping our physical and mental health balanced. So if you’re losing sleep as of late and dreaming of white linen beds and fuzzy pillows in the middle of the day, it’s time to switch strategies and take back good sleep again. And what better way to drive you to this action than to be reminded why it’s totally worth it?

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Here are five wonderful benefits that sleep changes your life positively. sleep changes your life

1/Happiness Under Your Pillow

Rest and mood have an intimate connection. Ever noticed how your mood becomes sensitive under little sleep? Science say it’s because the state of sleep deprivation increases negative emotions, all the while decreasing our ability to have them in check. Have a good night’s rest, and you’re bound to feel more positive.

Sleep changes your life dramatically on a physical level as well as an emotional one as studies show that it can reduce both heart rate and blood pressure by up to 10 percent. When the body is relaxed like this and the mind follows suit, it’s easier to see the day in a good light.

2/Productivity At Work

Just as how muscles perform better when we rest post exercise, our brain functions better all around when we recharge it with sleep. The brain needs some downtime to process the information and skills we learn in a given day so that we get to recall and apply them the next time – which is what we need to kick-ass in work!

With a well-rested mind, we can also think clearly and refrain from making bad decisions where it’s faulty or more on risk-taking.sleep changes your life

3/Better Muscle Repair And Workout Recovery

Working out the muscles with strength or cardio training damages cells and creates small tears in fibers. But with sleep, we give the body the opportunity to work on their repair and subsequent growth by using our protein sources as fuel. This happens particularly with deep sleep, which we can get more of if we sleep a good 7-8 hours.

4/Strength From Chronic Disease

Sleep might just be what we need to avoid developing chronic diseases. Little to no sleep places the body in a state of stress and this may trigger the release of stress-related hormones that can increase the risk for cardiovascular conditions like heart attack and angina.

As studies also find, lack of sleep may set us up for diabetes. For example, when healthy young men only slept for 4 hours a night, 6 days straight, researchers find that their insulin and blood sugar states mimicked those seen in people who were developing diabetes!sleep changes your life

5/Obesity Prevention

Being in a state of stress, lack of sleep sets off cravings for foods that are usually higher in carbohydrates, fat, and eventually, calories. But with sleep that is a powerful regulator of appetite and energy use, we can take better control of our food habits and prevent weight gain.

Sleeping, therefore, is another way to reach your weight loss goals. As a matter of fact, we especially make sure our guests here at Whistler Fitness Vacations get 8 hours of sleep by starting and ending our scheduled programs early.sleep changes your life

When Sleep Changes Your Life …

Sleep is as important as exercise so treat it as such, whether it means re-organizing the flow of the bedroom or actively seeking ways to sleep more. Ask the help of your family to lighten the responsibility. If you have to wake up much earlier to prepare your kids’ lunch, why not make it a fun cooking session with them the night before? Lacking sleep is unavoidable in some days, so take a short nap to be re-energized to take on what’s ahead. Be kind to yourself. When you’re well rested, not only are you treating your body right but you also become much happier as a result!

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Cat Smiley

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Cat Smiley is a certified Life Coach, Master Trainer, Wilderness Guide and Sports Nutritionist (author of The Planet Friendly Diet). She has been named 3-time Canadian Trainer of the Year by the International Sports Science Association and is a former professional athlete. Follow her on Linkedin or Facebook - and of course, sign up for a fitness program with us to work with her in Whistler!
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