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Don’t Start Another Workout Plan, Before Reading This!

The First 4 Steps Of Getting In Shape

The decision to turn over a new leaf by starting a workout plan is liberating, nerve-racking and exciting!

Honor, integrity, ownership and self-respect play an important part of successful weight loss, and you’ll truly find out ‘what you’re made of’ on this incredible journey to self-discovery.

But weight loss is not just about shrinking size.

Other dramatic benefits include:

  • Decreased pain, physical problems and risk of serious medical conditions
  • Improved fitness and quality of life
  • Increased self-esteem, life expectancy and energy levels
  • Improved sleep and stress management

Connecting a team of women who want to become confident to kick start their change, towards happier and healthier

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workout plan

Workout Plan A B C’s…

You can’t ‘find’ a weight loss plan that suits – you have to create it!

You can pound the pavements looking for the magic cure, or you can spend the weekend in the library, learning about food science. Educate yourself.

Sure, it doesn’t sound that interesting, but neither is saving money decade upon decade to afford cellulite treatments and weight loss “super foods”.

A weekend is all it will take….and you might even find yourself absorbed. Spend the first day learning about food groups. What is a carbohydrate and where does it fit in your daily plan?

Once you’ve established the basics, put together a menu plan for the week. Read through the ingredients and come up with a shopping list.

Organization, planning of your meals and grocery shopping will help you eat right and save money.

workout plan

Organize Health Priorities

Keeping the weight off permanently is only possible when you learn how to make your own healthy decisions. There are all kinds of whacky ideas, workout plan fads and celebrity diets with promises to change your life. Some are great! Some, not so much.

Truth is, although it may be exciting to lose the weight at first, it’s disempowering to become a slave to someone else’s decisions of what, when and how much to eat. That’s why diets don’t work.

Get prepared physically to start moving more.

Go to the doctor and get medical clearance (this is the first thing you should do). Walk at least fifteen minutes a day if you can; it will boost your confidence, mood, range of movement and desire to eat healthy foods.

workout plan

Ready, Set…. Move!

If you want a more fun but strenuous exercise, try swimming!

You will love the freedom of movement in the water that allows you to move naturally; the weightlessness makes water non-injurious and therapeutic to the joints. Range of motion and flexibility will also benefit.

Avoid any activities that jar your joints, such as running.

workout plan

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Clean out your pantries with any junk food, and cut bad habits if you have them (smoking, sugar, alcohol). Start drinking more water – this will jump start your metabolism. Empowered eating is about learning the tools to make the right choice, whatever your emotion or environment.

These are principles I apply to Whistler Fitness Vacations and I’m blessed to say that it has shaped hundreds of gorgeous women’s life by empowering them to be leaders in their health choices. They are no different to you, and you too can kick start your change for the better. Start today and move forward into happier, healthier and fitter! 

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Cat Smiley

Cat Smiley

Fitness Director at Whistler Fitness Vacations
Cat Smiley is a certified Life Coach, Master Trainer, Wilderness Guide and Sports Nutritionist (author of The Planet Friendly Diet). She has been named 3-time Canadian Trainer of the Year by the International Sports Science Association and is a former professional athlete. Follow her on Linkedin or Facebook - and of course, sign up for a fitness program with us to work with her in Whistler!
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