Cancellation Policy

Spring Session (April 30 through to June 24)
If you cancel between the day of signup and 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) on 15th March 2017, there will be CAD $1000.00 forfeiture amount. If you cancel after 4:00 PM PST on 15th March 2017, the forfeiture amount will be 100 percent.

Summer (June 25 through to August 20)
If you cancel between the day of signup and 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) on 15th May 2017, there will be CAD $1000.00 forfeiture amount. If you cancel after 4:00 PM PST on 15th May 2017, the forfeiture amount will be 100 percent.

Fall Session (August 21 through to November 22)
If you cancel between the day of signup and 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) on 1 August 2017, there will be CAD $1000.00 forfeiture amount. If you cancel after 4:00 PM PST on 1 August 2017, the forfeiture amount will be 100 percent.

Late Registration
Late registrations that are processed after our cut-off date (March 15th, May 15th August 1st) will be subject to 100 percent forfeiture amount in the event of cancellation. Subject to the sole discretion of Whistler Fitness Vacations, no registrations may be made less than twenty-one (21) days prior to the scheduled start date of any program.

Travel Insurance
It is highly recommended to purchase Travel Insurance with a comprehensive trip cancellation at the same time as booking your stay with us, in addition to ensuring that you are medically fit to travel well in advance of your arrival date. Each program offered by Whistler Fitness Vacations is a complete, indivisible program.

Refunds and Name Transfers
Program fees are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of early departure and no-show. Refunds or credits shall not be provided to participants who leave a program early, or are unable to participate in every scheduled activity, or miss a training session, or day. Name transfers are permitted for Deluxe Packages up until 7 days prior to arrival. No name transfer is permitted for Premium Packages.

Minimum Registration
Sessions are guaranteed to depart with a minimum of 4 guests. You will be notified immediately that your session is confirmed, so that you can make travel plans. In the unlikely event that your session has not met minimum of 4 guests prior to registration closing dates (March 15, May 15, August 1, 2017), you will be offered a transfer of dates into the same priced session, or provided an immediate full refund. Please do not make travel arrangements until you have received confirmation from Whistler Fitness Vacations.

Overflow Registration
Kindly note, this is a live booking site and manually updated, so when groups sign-up directly on the site, we can’t always ensure accuracy of availability. Do not make travel arrangements until you have received a personal email or phone call from Whistler Fitness Vacations confirming that your stay is registered and guaranteed to depart. Whistler Fitness Vacations guarantees a full refund within 48 hours of your booking without penalty in the unlikely event that the dates that you signed up for on the website are not available.

Special Promotions
In the event that we offer discounted stays, these special promotions are subject to the terms and conditions stipulated on the product description on our web store. If full payment of the balance owing for a program is not received at least five (5) days prior to the commencement of that program, Whistler Fitness Vacations reserves the right to sell a participant’s space in that program to another customer, without refunding that participant’s deposit or any monies paid as a fee or otherwise, and Whistler Fitness Vacations will not provide to that participant any credit of any kind. If full payment of the balance owing for a program that is part of a special promotion price is not received as per the date outlined in the email communication, program fees will be charged at regular price, with the special promotion rate forfeited.

Early Departure, Early Departure and Missed Training Sessions
Refunds or credits shall not be provided to participants who leave a program early, or are unable to participate in included activities or miss a training session or day.

If a participant in a program becomes injured during her stay at Whistler Fitness Vacations and for that reason is unable to join scheduled group activities, we strongly recommend physiotherapy to accelerate recovery and to provide medical guidance as to how we should proceed with their fitness schedule.

No refunds will be issued on unused portions of program or accommodations. If the guest fails to attend the program, this is regarded to be a cancellation and full payment will be retained by Whistler Fitness Vacations and partners. Program reservations are on a first-come, first served basis and are confirmed with the full payment of your balance.

Credits and refunds
Each program offered by Whistler Fitness Vacations is a complete, indivisible program, thus credits and refunds shall not be provided if a participant leaves a program early, or fails to participate in a pre-paid activity booked in advance or if a participant misses any part of a program (due to any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to injury, sickness, or personal reasons).

Whistler Fitness Vacations Staff have training and experience to assess your physical abilities, and on that basis recommend and assign an appropriate program to you. You recognize and acknowledge that this is part of the service for which you are contracting with Whistler Fitness Vacations. That recommendation and assignment are made on the basis of the participant, at a minimum, being physically able to and willing to learn adaptive techniques related to speed walking.

If a participant does not approve of a program provided, this is neither a ground nor reason for a refund of any kind, and none shall be provided. All participants recognize and acknowledge it is possible they will dislike the program provided. There will be no customized programs provided to any participant for any reason, and all participants recognize and understand this.

Whistler Fitness Vacations may consider individual requests for refund grants outside twenty-one (21) days of arrival, but is under no obligation to do so and it will be at the sole discretion of Whistler Fitness Vacations to accede to such a request or refuse to do so, and Whistler Fitness Vacations is under no duty to provide any explanation for its decision in this regard. Whistler Fitness Vacations shall endeavour to reschedule a customer’s participation in a program to occur within two months of the original booking, however this is not guaranteed and any decision to do so or not to do so shall be at the sole discretion of Whistler Fitness Vacations.

In any event, no refunds or credits for cancellations to participate in any program shall be permitted or considered once booking has been made.

It is strongly recommended that all customers purchase trip cancellation insurance at the time of booking, in case of an inability to attend or complete a program.

Participants are not required to attend every class included in a program or every activity in a scheduled day, however, all participants are required to inform Whistler Fitness Vacations of any intended absences on a given day at the time of the scheduled pickup that day, either by meeting the staff member of Whistler Fitness Vacations at that time, or by advising another participant and instructing that participant to inform Whistler Fitness Vacations at the scheduled pickup time. To maximize your coaching experience, it is expected that missed training sessions are communicated with the Fitness Director so that she can provide you with the best coaching service.

All prices quoted in our packages are in Canadian dollars. Prices throughout our website are subject to change without notice.

If allergic to or afraid of dogs, we will do our best to limit contact for you however Whistler is a very dog-friendly town with many off-leash zones, making it next to impossible to avoid contact. Please chat with us in advance of your stay in regards to the severity of your concern.

Health Insurance
Participants are provided with a lanyard for their health insurance card that will require them to be admitted into hospital in the event of an emergency. For British Columbia residents for example, this is your B.C. Med card. For out-of-province or International participants, it will be your travel insurance card with medical coverage. This must be placed on the outside of your pack at all times, accessible by staff if needed.
Medical Clearance
Whistler Fitness Vacations does not require participants to obtain medical clearance to participate however we recommend that all participants who are new to exercising seek medical clearance prior to commencing a fitness program in preparation for their stay.

If you believe you do not qualify for a Whistler Fitness Vacations program, because you do not meet these criteria – either due to medical/clinical advice or as a result of your own belief – Whistler Fitness Vacations recommends you do not participate in one of its programs.

Program Includes
The cost of Program includes everything set out on at . Please bring money for personal purchases during scheduled hours as required, such as female items, coffees etc. We reserve the right to offer occasional online and group discounts, and do not guarantee to offer every activity and every hike shown on our website as programs are customized to suit the fitness needs and assure the safety of participants registered in our program from week to week.

Fitness vacation packages run from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday unstaffed with the exception of check-out arrangements.

Multi-Week Stays
Lodging (in the same unit) is included through the weekend for multiple weeks of up to 4 weeks, and until Saturday 10am for single week stays. We will endeavor to avoid changing units for stays for longer than 4 weeks, to the best of our ability however participant may be required to check-out and check back in on either the same day, or cover the expense of Saturday lodging after each 28 days as our lodging blocks run Sunday to Saturday.

Arrival (Check-in)
All participants must arrive and check-in with Whistler Fitness Vacations on Sunday to start the program on Monday. Check-in begins at 4:00 pm on the Sunday before session start day however you may check-in anytime you like (front desk is available 24/7). In an effort to accommodate flexible arrival times, instructions (and breakfast ingredients) is provided by lodging staff upon check-in – there is no initiation meeting with Whistler Fitness Vacations unless otherwise arranged. Participants are responsible for their own Sunday arrival-day dinner (without restrictions). We will communicate meeting details for Monday morning via email to you the week prior to your arrival.

Departure (Check-out)
Check-out is 10am on Saturday, or anytime after the end of the scheduled program at 2pm on Friday. All Whistler Fitness Vacations property must be duly checked-out and then returned to Whistler Fitness Vacations Staff at either 8am prior to the commencement of their Friday morning activity, or 9am in the Westin Lobby (Premium Package) and 10am in the Aspens Lobby (Deluxe Package) on the Saturday of their departure day. Participants will be charged for broken or lost items, which charges shall be made to the credit card provided to Whistler Fitness Vacations by that participant. Whistler Fitness Vacations will charge a minimum fee of: blender ($80), scale ($50), and espresso machine ($250) plus other items on the list if these items are not returned, or returned in damaged condition upon designated check-out times.
Whistler Fitness Vacations provides professional cleaning of every unit at the end of each stay, however short of “regular wear and tear,” the unit must be left in good condition by each participant to avoid incurring extra cleaning charges. Without limiting the foregoing, all kitchenware must be clean and the unit must be left orderly.

Security Deposit
Separate lodging and program security deposits are required upon check-in to your lodging, as per the terms of your lodging. This agreement is separate to that of Whistler Fitness Vacations and you’ll need a Visa or Mastercard with your ID to check-in (parking passes, keys, damage etc).

Age Restriction
The lead guest must be over 21 years of age. All guests will be required to provide valid photo identification upon check-in.

Parking is not included with your program fees and all towing expenses or any damages incurred during the towing process are subject to the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. Please refer to parking regulations on the Plan and Book section of our website.
While every effort is made to ensure that our program matches what is being advertised on, this may be subject to change at any time due to circumstances outside our control. In this unlikely event, we will provide similar or greater value. Consult a physician before starting any exercise program referred to on this site. Weight loss is not guaranteed, results may vary.

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