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The Quickest Way To Get Back On Track After Eating Too Much

The Morning After Sugar Coma

Don’t panic. Don’t fast, juice cleanse or binge exercise.

Get back on track gently. Make yourself a cup of tea, put on some shoes and walk to the grocery store. Buy a green drink and get some nutrients in you, then take time to drink a liter of gorgeously fresh water. If that water runs straight from the tap, think about how incredibly fortunate you are.

My friend, this is a first world problem. Yes, it’s a problem, I totally relate. And it’s stressful.

But ultimately, to put it in perspective, the dilemma is that we ate too much delicious food while celebrating the joy of Christmas with loved ones. With all the crap happening in the world, we are lucky that our lives are so darn good that this is our biggest stress. Right? Right. My approach as a body transformation specialist is holistic. The mind comes first.

And now that we’re in a better headspace, lets look at what to do.

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Embracing The Journey

1. Walk Everywhere, At Every Opportunity

Active transportation is one of the most neglected elements of healthy travel, especially when visiting new towns. While in most cases it makes sense to jump into a cab or catch the local transit, wherever possible, take the opportunity to wander around the streets and take in the sights on foot. If you’re heading out to a party near your hotel, power walk there instead of getting a designated driver. Carry your dress shoes, grab your friends, and burn off the extra calories you’ll be eating at the event!

2. Workout And Do Sport

Keep your workouts going as much as possible, even twenty minutes is better than nothing. Get back on track by going outside everyday – the fresh air is priceless. Happy living is about sustaining mental, physical and social wellbeing so if you’re on vacation, staying fit while you travel should be a priority. It’s important to make time for the things and people you enjoy, to relax, unwind and have a good laugh. I love to surf and have got good enough at it over the years to be able to confidently pick it up anywhere, even after being in the mountains for an extended time. I think if you can get a passion up to an intermediate level it becomes a valuable tool to pursue intermittently and actually enjoy, without having to practice. Tennis, surfing, mountain biking, volleyball – vacations are a great time to get back at it!

get back on track

3 – Eat Regular Meals The Next Day

As tempting as it may be to skip meals, this is probably the worst thing you can do. Skipping meals confuses the body and slows down your metabolism. Consistency is your best bet, mini meals throughout the day keep you energized, reducing temptation to overeat at night.

4 – Save Some Celebration For Next Time

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Superbowl, birthdays, these are not obstacles. They are part of our lives, and we need to work with them not against them. We simply can’t feel like crap every time a celebration rolls around and we eat too much. It is consistency that gets us to our goals, not ‘go hard or don’t go’ approaches to honoring our health needs. Some days we’re better than others, that’s all. They may get us to our goal in a little more time, but we’ll still get there in the end.

get back on track

5 – Taste Everything, But Not Full Portions

Controlling portion sizes (when your day is less active than usual) is easier when you remember how hard you worked this year to keep your weight down. Remember the days you really didn’t want to go to the gym, but you went anyway. If you’re going to eat a couple of mini quiche, chips, creamy dip and chocolate desert, be prepared to work harder at the gym if you want to keep the weight off.

What’s your ‘go-to’ tactic when you overeat? Share your tips below. Merry Christmas!

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Cat Smiley

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