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stay naturally slim

Smart People Do These 3 Things To Stay Naturally Slim

Steal Their Tricks, Then Share The Heck Outta Them (Every Woman Needs To Know) 

Are you tired of doing the same old workout routine, going on yet another diet plan, in hopes that this time you’ll finally reach your goal weight? If getting on the weight loss bandwagon feels like groundhog day, this post is for you.

While it may have been easy to stay slim at high school, those glory days, unfortunately, didn’t follow most of us into our later years.

Yet for some people, maintaining optimal weight into their senior years has been somewhat of a breeze. Why? Usually it’s not their genes, it’s their lifestyle. Here’s what they do. 

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stay naturally slim

#1 They Lift. Heavy.

Metabolism slows for anyone who doesn’t exercise, no matter what age, because of reduced muscle mass. Higher muscle mass means higher metabolism. This is why men who workout usually can lose weight faster than women, if they have higher muscle mass to begin with.

Muscles at 60 are still as capable to grow healthy and strong as they were when you were 30, it’s just that if you’ve spent 30 years being inactive, your starting point will likely be less. If your muscles are small, metabolism will be way down too. Build muscle and get strong – that’s the number one way to get your metabolism back up and stay naturally slim.

The process of strength training (from body resistance, weight training machines or free weights) creates small tears in the muscles while it pushes against the bone and tendons to lift the weight. This pressure makes micro-tears in the muscle, which is what is needed for it to come back stronger. When it comes back stronger, it also comes back thicker around the tendons and bones, reducing osteoporosis effects and risks.

stay naturally slim

#2 They Drink Lots Of Water

As we get older especially, our thirst cues become less sharp. This can make it easy to forget to drink water, leading to mistaking hunger and consequently eating more than you need to. Drinking regular water throughout the day will reduce lower back pain, give more energy, keep you regular in bowel movement, help you stay naturally slim and increase weight loss. Now if that’s not a great reason to drink up, I don’t know what is!

stay naturally slim

#3 They Count Calcium, Not Calories

Most women who stay slim permanently maintain youthful bone mass. How? By eating lots of fish, and lots of green leafy veggies. They also don’t smoke or drink too much coffee.

Bone mass decreases, but it also does in smokers and people who don’t eat calcium-rich foods in their youth.

One of the benefits of weight training is that it will help restore your bone health.

Daily impact activity such as walking, while eating a diet full of rich, calcium-based foods such as salmon, broccoli and green vegetables will help immensely.

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Cat Smiley

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