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How To Exercise Safely When You’re 100 lbs (Or More) Overweight

Staying Responsible In Your Workouts 

Being overweight can sometimes feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s like the only option out is through the impossibly narrow spaces. You know exercise is the key to eliminating the important health issues associated with obesity but fear can prevent you from doing so due to the risk of injury.

Learn how to exercise safely and effectively so that you can accomplish your goals – and live your best life! Because exercise is and should be good for everyone.

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exercise safely

Exercise Safely With Lower Impact

When we think of exercising for weight loss, we picture the sweat and tears that cardio training is often portrayed in the media. This couldn’t be any further from – what could be – your reality.

Cardio exercises that have high-impact like running do give you a truckload of health benefits in a short span of time, but that’s counterproductive should they lead to injuries. Exercise safely with smart programming that reduces stress on your joints. Running movements engage several structures at once like the quads, the knees, the shins, and the foot. When you’re new to them, these structures may not take the impact lightly and get injured.

Indeed, cardio is a crucial way of losing fat and upping your metabolism but we by no means want you to hurt yourself. So ease into exercise gradually and be guided by a personal trainer or medical professional in the beginning stages who can set safe parameters.exercise safely

Benefits of Low Impact Training

You can prevent injuries by mainly choosing non-weight bearing, low-impact exercises. As these exercises are not too demanding, they can be maintained for a longer period of time and thereby are still a good way to train the cardiovascular system. This is a perfect start since your heart and the blood vessels may not be in tip-top shape yet due to obesity-related conditions.

One example of low-impact exercises is hiking. Walking movements engage the body fully and work the heart without asking too much. If you can swim, all the better. Swimming adds no weight since the resistance of the water is supporting the body well. Here at Whistler Fitness Vacations, these two exercises are part of our workouts; our water boot camp, in particular, lets you burn up to 400 calories in a fun water environment!

Find Out More About Beginner-Friendly Workouts In Whistlerexercise safely

Using Education To Empower Yourself

When you strengthen your muscles gradually and pair that with a healthy diet, you’ll be losing weight and preparing your body safely for future high-intensity resistance training, which will take the results even further.

So don’t be afraid to start. Take it from our guests here who go home empowered to continue their fitness journey just because they were able to start exercising right. Marie Henry from B.C., for example, is happy with the workout routines and plans to continue using them on the rest of her journey to her happy size. Another lovely guest, Christi Kolb from Alabama, says she was inactive for 20 years but is now motivated to keep working out!exercise safely

The Sweaty Kind Of High

Exercising actively releases chemical substances known as endorphins from within the brain that promote positive emotions and a sense of well-being. With these exercises, not only will you be improving the quality of your life but will be enjoying it in the process!

Once you experience feeling this good, we know you will be addicted 🙂 

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