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Adapting The Planet Friendly Diet

While in Whistler…

The Planet Friendly Diet while you are in Whistler is slightly different from how it is outlined in the book. Key differences at our women’s weight loss retreat include finishing all the food that we buy each week (no ‘roll-over into the next week) and using ready-made vegetable stock instead of making it from scratch.
Wonderbean Quinoa, from The Planet Friendly Diet.

Women’s weight loss retreat

Whistler Fitness Vacations takes pride in being zero-waste – all food purchased is consumed and by the end of the week there are no left-overs. This is only possible with the below adaptations of The Planet Friendly Diet:

  • You do not make your own vegetable stock
  • The coconut tilapia is purchased already seasoned
  • Follow the ‘when you get home’ directions on the shopping list page
  • Follow the after-dinner tasks every day
  • The smoothie ingredient quantities can be adapted to suit your preference, add or subtract to taste, to make it 330 calories.
  • If you’d like cucumber, grapefruit, lemon, or lime in your water, remember to add it to your grocery cart on Monday.
  • The snacks that you choose must include no more than 4 (local) fruit.
  • The alternative smoothie recipes in the book are for after your stay.

The Planet Friendly Diet is available at all major bookstores in North America!

Medical Conditions And Special Diets

Diabetics and those needing specific diets might want to purchase a copy of The Planet Friendly Diet before coming so that they can discuss required changes with their health professional (Dietician, Physician or Naturopath). If you require a custom shopping list, please send your shopping list to us ahead of time so that we can work with you to ensure your food is enjoyable and on-track with our guidelines while here.


If you do not eat fish, please think of what plant based protein would best work instead of the meals with fish. We suggest chickpeas, tofu, kidney beans, lima beans, mixed beans and cottage cheese if you do dairy.

Dairy Free

Our plan is dairy free, with the option to include some yogurt into your smoothies. If you would like to go dairy free, do not choose yogurt in your smoothies. You may purchase a small container of coconut yogurt, however there aren’t unfortunately many low-sugar options at IGA for dairy-free yogurt, and its usually only available in small containers (which would use lots of plastic if we purchased this for everyone). For this reason, dairy-free guests usually opt to make smoothies without yogurt, instead adding more almond milk.

Meat Eaters

Sometimes the hardest part about changing your life towards improved health, is changing your food habits. For this reason, during your stay at Whistler Fitness Vacations we do not include meat in the diet plan. The goal is not to make you ‘never eat meat ever’ but to empower you to try a couple of weeks without it. Our women’s weight loss retreat helps people explore new ways to enjoy food without meat.

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