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Fitness Preparation

Taking The First Step

Signing up for Whistler Fitness Vacations is exciting, but can also be nerve-racking – like anything that is new. For this reason, we’ve put together base fitness requirements. To view these, check #9 of FAQ then test yourself in the mile.

Be sure as well to see your doctor to ensure that you are fit to travel. If you are low in iron or have other health complications, you may not be safe to fly. Please take care of yourself and investment with due diligence. Don’t learn the hard way!

If you find yourself getting close to our upper limit in the lead up to your stay, we want to encourage you to continue your cardiovascular training but perhaps shift your focus over to flexibility and strengthening of your connective tissues (e.g. yoga and weights). This will prepare your foundational fitness. It’s also a good idea to start cleaning up your diet, work on breaking bad habits and go for long walks. Time on your feet will help prepare you for our all-day hikes.

Beginner fitness retreat

Before anything, in addition to checking that you’re ‘fit to fly’, we suggest medical evaluation for clearance to begin an exercise program. Your family doctor should check heart rate and blood pressure. This is valuable as they will also be able to give you some suggestions as to how to get started in your workouts, without putting yourself at risk.

Whistler Fitness Vacations has swimming pools on-site that guests enjoy at their leisure. Most weeks we have water boot camp classes and guided cardio sessions in the water. Water exercise is an excellent way to elevate your heart rate without impact on your joints. You will love the freedom of movement in water that allows natural movement – the weightlessness makes water extremely therapeutic. Range of motion and flexibility will also benefit.

Read more about the gear you’ll need

Top 5 Tips

  1. Purchase good running shoes and a heart rate monitor.
  2. Spend at two days before you start exercising drinking two litres of water/day.
  3. Training heart rate should stay at a rate where it is still comfortable to talk.
  4. Never work harder than 130 beats per minute.
  5. Record every session in a note book.

Knowing the shape of your feet is important and the gait of your running style. Specialty stores like The Running Room usually have experts who can analyze both your feet and gait. They will recommend a brand of shoe, or foot beds. During running the pressure on your joints is 3-4 times your bodyweight compared to if you were walking, so proper support is crucial. You may prefer to shop for footwear and orthotics in Whistler.

It might also be a good idea to see a physiotherapist as they can help strengthen you before you get here, with exercises to improve weaknesses and imbalances. Be sure to mention that you will be attending a beginner fitness retreat that will include lots of hiking on dirt terrain. They should suggest a stable trail shoe that gives you lots of support – while still being breathable.

Ease into exercise gradually

We can’t stress this enough. There will be plenty of time to push yourself once you arrive, and you’ll be doing it safely under supervision. By preparing gradually through gentle walking and swimming, you will achieve anatomical adaptation: a process that prepares your connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) for shaping up. This will decrease risk of injury and prepare you safely for Whistler Fitness Vacations.

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Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations