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All-Weather Workouts

Whistler Fitness Vacations is a residential weight loss program that runs all activities outside – rain or shine. Our mountain town has quickly changing weather and it’s empowering to embrace the elements and be one with nature. At first it might feel uncomfortable. But with the right gear and experienced route planning, this discomfort quickly turns to the spirit of adventure! We gear check guests each morning to ensure that everyone is ready for the day, with the best clothing choices packed for the day ahead.

Suggested Packing List

Stainless Steel Flask For Smoothies – Insulated Bottle. Breakfast and lunch is a smoothie, as part of The Planet Friendly Diet. Every morning you make your smoothie for lunch. It’s important that you buy this before you come so that you don’t get caught out Monday lunch. As a courtesy to our long-term guests, we minimize the ‘learning curve’ of Monday’s so that we can merge new arrivals with multi-weeks.

Far too often we get guests who think that they can “just pick up one in Whistler”. Once here, they realize it’s not that easy. Staff may not be available to take you to the places that sell them, and when you’re there, you don’t have a smoothie made. Plus, stores don’t open until 10…11… as well, we don’t want all of our guests to have the same bottle. Trust us on this 🙂

Heart Rate Monitors are perhaps our most asked topic. It’s important for safe and effective progression to keep you in the right training zone. We suggest a simple one that you can get a reading from in less than 3 clicks. Whistler does not have a store that sells heart rate monitors consistently. Please endeavor to purchase one prior to arrival, and spend time learning how to use it. Here is an example of one that would work well, and here is another example.

Wear loose, light-colored clothing to help reflect the heat. This will let sweat evaporate quickly, and avoid skin irritation, chafing and heat rashes. Performance t-shirts and tanks are made from material that will keep you cool; look for ‘moisture wicking’ on the label.

Sun protective clothing (UV Tops) are great for hikes in the sun, and they also protect from bugs. Bring a lightweight baseball hat with a visor, made from dri-FIT fabric. Polarized Sunglasses are essential; choose a style that wraps around your face and sits comfortably.
Some good examples of base layer tops, from MEC.ca

residential weight loss program

Blister-free socks (that are moisture-wicking and breathable) will save your feet during long workout days. Sunblock is important; small bottles are great space-savers in your pack. Find them in the travel aisle at super stores, such as Canadian Tire. Choose high protection, at least 30 SPF.

Knee length workout tights are the most popular pants to wear in summer. Good workout bra’s should be moisture wicking and supportive – Champion and Lululemon. Here are some examples of base layer tops that have space-saver design and maximum wicking through the sweatiest of workouts.

Small packs are used everyday and we provide these to you. The reason that we provide it is because we want you to get used to training without carrying lots of extras. This way you can work harder physically – take a google to see what ultra marathon runners carry on their bags when they are working out. It’s not much. By wearing the right clothing, you too can wear our tiny little bag and carry everything you need. If you’re staying for a few weeks, you are most welcome to bring your own small pack but we ask that you only use it after week 2 having tried our small-pack system.

Running shoes – this is our top selection of lightweight trail running shoes, from MEC.ca We recommend trail running shoes, not indoor joggers. These provide the best support for power walking, jogging, gentle jogging and whatever pace you are. Shoes last about 200 – 300 kms before they lose support and cushioning.

residential weight loss program

Windbreaker Jackets are essential, even in summer. Try something like this.  Heavy Weight Hoodies should be light enough to pack but warm enough for cooler temperatures. They should be Dri-FIT, breathable, and have mesh panels. Long Athletic Tights on the trails are comfortable. Many guests find Lululemon apparel works well for their stay, in addition to REI and Mountain Equipment Coop.

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Whistler Fitness Vacations
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