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Whistler Fitness Vacations Has Changed Lives

20 Ways That Whistler Fitness Vacations Has Changed Lives

A Month Of Commitment, A Lifetime’s Worth Worth Of Invaluable Change

Friday’s are both sad and joyful at Whistler Fitness Vacations. 

We say goodbye to new friends – while celebrating the end of another great week.

Those leaving us write in our guest book, and mention the thing that they are most proud of. Finding out what that was, is like opening gifts on Christmas morning! Throughout their stay as well as being their coach, I am fortunate to witness first hand some incredible transformations.

Connecting a team of women who want to become confident to kick start their change, towards happier and healthier

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Below are excerpts from our guest book that summarized the key elements of how our program helped them – in more ways than they anticipated. It is a beautiful reminder, that it’s not about the weight. Getting in shape is about the person you become when you finally do what you always hoped that you would do. 

How Whistler Fitness Vacations Has Changed Lives

1. They were able to do things they never do—like walk up the stairs without effort.

2. They took a vacation without having to ask for a seatbelt extension on the airplane.

3. They have a clearer mindset.

4. They said goodbye to their disabling beliefs and hello to the real ones.

5. They now want to have guests over for dinner (and know they won’t binge on the leftovers).

6. They set up healthy boundaries for their splurges and treat days, knowing that nothing is off limits.

Whistler Fitness Vacations Has Changed Lives

Grateful For The Wins

7. They are more inspired to pursue their life passions.

8. They’ve been able to eat anything in confidence, knowing that it won’t derail them.

9. They feel better and have a better outlook on life.

10. They have implemented simplified workout habits—confident that it will be ‘enough’

11. They are more grateful for their ‘wins’ and daily successes as they work towards their goals.

It Helped Them Discover Peace

12. They’re no longer mad at themselves if they miss a workout, or eat too much sometimes

13. They spend more time outside.

14. Their workouts are more peaceful.

15. Their desire to take care of themselves has improved

16. They want to find the time to exercise – it is no longer a chore

Feeling Free – And Loving Every Minute

17. They gained insight into what motivates them to be in shape, and their ‘why’s to stay in shape. 

18. They are now inspiring their family and friends to live healthier and honor their workouts

19. They gained a life-long community of encouraging and supportive members.

20. They discovered the freedom of making weight loss fun and easy


I created this weight loss retreat to inspire others to live their best life and it’s truly amazing when I read these and know that their stay here has transformed them, now geared up for a healthier and happier life ahead.

The benefits of improving your physical fitness transcend the physical and it will always be my delight to assist you as you take part in this journey.

What could you hope to achieve in our program? Whistler Fitness Vacations has changed lives, and it could also change yours. Give us a call when you’re ready!

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Cat Smiley

Cat Smiley

Fitness Director at Whistler Fitness Vacations
Cat Smiley is a certified Life Coach, Master Trainer, Wilderness Guide and Sports Nutritionist (author of The Planet Friendly Diet). She has been named 3-time Canadian Trainer of the Year by the International Sports Science Association and is a former professional athlete. Follow her on Linkedin or Facebook - and of course, sign up for a fitness program with us to work with her in Whistler!
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