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We have worked hard to get here, but now we definitely have reached a milestone! Wrapping up 2016 with 10,000 followers on Whistler Fitness Vacations instagram account was a buzz. Many thanks to all of you who have supported us on our instagram journey. You have made social media less of a chore for me. Sharing photos of our beautiful town is a joy! As well, writing captions from the lessons that I’ve learnt in nature is a challenge that pushes me to reflect. Here are some of the popular posts from January. 

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whistler fitness vacations

We all have our personal luxury. It could be having time to enjoy the first snowfall of winter, or that special place we sit to watch the sunset. It’s those little unique things that are most important. Let us ignite your passion for living your best life again!

Our Town In Winter

I think it’s important to be real about how uncomfortable the cold can really be. Whistler Fitness Vacations runs weight loss retreats from May through to November when the weather is more manageable for the general population to exercise outside. Many people ask me about the weather up here in Canada. For the most part, it doesn’t get too incredibly freezing in Whistler for extended periods of time, like it does in Montreal or Calgary. But it still gets pretty cold!

whistler fitness vacations

Whistler village, before our big snow falls of winter

Sharing the weather is something that we can all relate to. Yes, I get beach envy when I see the beautiful white sands from the travel grams gracing their way across my feed. We have a different kind of white. And it’s not very warm.

It’s been a cold week here in Whistler with temperatures plunging as low as -20C plus howling winds in alpine that make it feel even colder! Even with all my high-tech winter gear I was struggling to stay on alpine too long. But the skiing on is fantastic at the moment and with views like this, it’s worth embracing the cold. Forecast is calling for warmer temperatures ahead….

whistler fitness vacations

Cold weather on Whistler Mountain this week, but oh-so-beautiful!

Moving To Whistler

On one post I shared how I came to live in Whistler. I don’t think any of us plan to live here permanently, but somehow we wind up here. This is my story.

 I came to Whistler for the season from New Zealand when I was 19, two + decades later I’m still here. That seems to be the way most of us became residents in this town – you try hard to live somewhere cheaper, closer to home, easier to advance your career, less crowds on the mountain – all of these reasons make the locals leave town at one point in search of ‘better’.

I compare it to a boomerang. You’ll always come back. And when you come back you wind up staying another 10 years… who can resist its allure? I believes that living here is worth the compromises, extra-long work hours, continually saying goodbye to friends who leave town and the seasonal revenue flow that forces you to be creative and take risks. I’m glad to have believed it was worth it because I’m still here, with an extraordinary lifestyle that I never imagined myself in.

This photo is on my daily ski route.

whistler fitness vacations

The peak of Whistler mountain, with the inukshuk made famous by the 2010 Olympics

Fill Your Life With Experiences, Not Things

Signing up for a weight loss retreat is a huge investment and one that takes some personal reflection. But like Katie Couric said in her article The Big 6-Oh…..And Taking Care Of Your Health, “It’s easy for us to put these things off. So many of us are trying to balance a hectic lifestyle with demands at home. But women of America, you can’t take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.” And that, my friends is the nutshell of the decision making process of Whistler Fitness Vacations. 

I never want to be one of those people who look back and say “those were the days.” For me, THESE are the days, THIS is my life… and it’s pretty freaking AWESOME!!!!! Filling my life with experiences, not things, is one of the best pieces of advice that I received. Experiences include playing it forward, mentoring others, enjoying my coaching work – as well as all the thrill seeking adventures that make me, me. This advice made me dedicate time and money to investing in these experiences – knowing that they are more important than that Prada handbag.

whistler fitness vacations

It’s been fantastic skiing this month, with gorgeous blue skies and light fluffy powder! Grateful for the fast chairlifts and long trails.

To learn more about Whistler, take a read of this page. We are located quite near Vancouver, about 5 hours north of Seattle. There is an international airport just 2 hours away in Vancouver. Women travel from all over the world to Whistler Fitness Vacations to get in shape, lose weight and reclaim their health. If you’d like to join us, please reach out! Registration is in full swing for the Spring sessions  (April 30 through June 24) and soon we will open Summer session.

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