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Daily Fitness Schedule

Customizable Training Plans

Discover your power! Every day spent at Whistler Fitness Vacations explores your athletic potential with guided cardio adventures carefully planned around our exciting outdoor fitness classes. This winning combination keeps you motivated and energized. You’ll quickly learn to make the changes that you need to live your best life. Challenge is addictive and when you accomplish one thing, you often wonder what else you can achieve! We’re here to help you find it.

You’re not just joining a fitness program. You’re also joining an amazing team who support and encourage each other to succeed.

Incredible health club at Whistler Fitness Vacations

Whistler Fitness Vacations Premium Package includes complimentary access to our partnership health club (above).

Our Partnership Health Club

Included in the benefits of the Premium Package is unlimited access to the spectacular WestinWORKOUT® gym – located on site. Although we are exclusively outdoors with programming, those in the Premium Package may be given the option of training indoors as well, depending on how the day unfolds. This is especially helpful to those unsure of an old injury, or who aren’t overly excited about embracing the storm.

Exercise equipment from Life Fitness®, equipped with their own LCD screens includes:

– Five Treadmills
– Two Cross trainers (elliptical machines)
– Two Bikes
– Chest press machine
– Lat pulldown machine
– Leg extension machine
– Leg curl machine
– Chin dip/leg raise station
– Smith machine
– Cable motion dual adjustable pulley machine – Dumbells
– Rowing machine


Workouts are based on beginner pace and ability – levels shown below are comparative. For example, ‘intermediate’ means that you are still a beginner, but you not quite as quick in your pace as an advanced beginner. All guests must meet our base fitness requirements.  

Fitness holidays

Schedule shown is an example of what you might do – not a guarantee of what you will do.

Summer stays include all-day hiking on Whistler Mountain one or more days per week. Whistler Fitness Vacations programming runs from 8.30am to 2pm most days. Cat Smiley’s in-depth coaching system will develop new habits and mindset towards your lifestyle patterns. Our fitness holidays may include a group discussion about body image, sharing of stories, or an impromptu stretch session! Each day is different. You’ll wake up looking forward to the day ahead, and go to bed knowing that you’ve done everything that you could possibly do to reach your weight loss goal. That’s empowering.

All daily activities are optional, however assigned workouts are designed so that everyone can complete all activities – even our most beginner guests.

The coaching modules that are included in your daily schedule will help you achieve optimal fitness, strength and emotional growth. You will elevate your perception of what you can achieve as you sweat your way to lighter, fitter and happier. Part of the growth process is letting go of planning – weather changes in the mountains, just like our body does as beginner exercisers. We will unfold an amazing day for you and help you take ownership of your health by providing learning opportunities throughout the week.

Whistler Fitness Vacations will not only change your weight, it will change your life! I am proud to say that I lost 58 pounds in two months with Cat Smiley and now, 6 months later, I have officially lost 100. My adventure in Whistler was truly a life changing experience. Sasha Lambert, Quebec

Fitness holidays

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Whistler Fitness Vacations
Whistler Fitness Vacations
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