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How To Party Like A Super Athlete (Without Gaining Weight) This Holiday Season

Enjoy The Party, Forget About Dieting

Hurrah, holiday season is here! But unless you’re exercising like Simone Biles or perhaps Michael Phelps (who is known to eat over 5000 calories per day and still maintain zero body fat) you probably have to watch what you eat.

Try my trainer tested best tips on how to enjoy the company of loved ones and evenings well spent without the challenge of weight gain.

challenge of weight gain

Scan the buffet table and choose your top 3 dishes first.As boring as that may sound, pacing yourself at this time of year is key. Back-to-back celebrations will do a number on your energy levels, waist line and fitness. So if the booze is cheap tasting and you’ve got something better sounding on your upcoming calendar, take a rain-check on drinking for the night. Or, have one drink and be done. One drink per day (12oz beer/5oz wine) can be beneficial. Will-power can go out the window however when it comes to accompanying treats.

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challenge of weight gain

Prepare For The Morning After 

Too much of a party can leave you feeling like you never want to eat (or drink) again. But missing meals confuses the body, and slows down your metabolism – otherwise known as ‘yoyo dieting’. Instead, stock your fridge with some healthy green smoothies, freshly squeezed juice pre-bought from the store. Get one for lunch as well.

Drinking some kale, mango, ginger, pineapple and orange juice or something equally as delicious will give your body the vitamins needed to heal. If you’re hungover or not feeling good, there’s a higher likelihood that you will drink something that is already made. Consistency is best. Mini meals throughout the day keep you energized, reducing temptation to overeat at night.

challenge of weight gain

Smaller portions make for a smarter waist 

Have a little of everything while at the party. Chew slowly, use cutlery, drink lots of water, and actively participate in conversations. Look like you’re busy and have a drink in hand (even if it’s just water) to get your ‘well-intending’ host to stop piling more food on your plate. If you’re going to eat too much remember, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. And that’s the truth!

Staying at balance with your internal and external environment can be a liberating experience! And your body will thank you in the new year. Happy holidays 🙂

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