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Welcome to Whistler Fitness Vacations

Let Us Guide You Back Into Your Fitness Journey, In The Beautiful Mountains Of Canada. 30 Retreats Per Year, New Sessions Every Week From May Through November. Next Opening will be on May 2018, Join Us 🙂

We are a boutique weight loss retreat for women, providing Master Trainer directed workouts in the great outdoors. Our program is specifically designed for those whose weight is currently above what is medically recommended. Workouts are varying levels of beginner pace and with everyone with the same common goals, you’ll never be too slow or too fast. We start – and finish – all of our extended stay guests on the same day so that the pace will increase as you do. This creates for an unparalleled camaraderie as you achieve incredible fitness improvement – as a team.

Each day you will feel lighter and happier while slimming down to healthy weight… safely and effectively. You’ll stay in luxury but get your feet dirty with daily fitness adventures including hiking, biking, kayaking, fitness classes, strength training, workshops, master classes and water workouts.

Whistler Fitness Vacations provides an incredible experience for you to focus on yourself and health goals (without distraction) while challenging your spirit of adventure.

You Belong Here

Join Cat Smiley – Three Time Canadian Trainer of the Year – for a fitness vacation like no other! Whistler Fitness Vacations is set in the exciting town of Whistler, British Columbia. We are consistently rated as North America’s number one ski resort.

We use glacial beaches, pristine forests and alpine mountains as our gym – with functional, full body workouts designed for those new to the fitness lifestyle. But not all of our workouts are outside! With a world class luxury partnership health club and small-group personal training, our guests gain confidence indoors – learning new gym workouts that they can continue at home.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, request pricing below and start your journey. Our invigorating program will kick start your change towards healthier and happier – that’s our promise!

Why Choose Us

Kick Ass Workouts™

Kick Ass Workouts™

Get fit, lose weight and feel great again with guided cardio adventures including kayaking, biking, mountain and valley hiking/running and amazing classes. Low impact, high intensity fitness with up to 4 different beginner paces.

Mouth Watering Food

Mouth Watering Food

Zero-waste meals that are gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free. The Planet Friendly Diet is 1200 calories per day. Guests cook in their own private kitchen with the provided ingredients and step-by-step recipes. You’re in full control!

Luxury Lodging

Luxury Lodging

Whistler Fitness Vacations lodging is based in the gorgeous Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler. Located in the elite downtown area, our health retreat offers 20 private guest rooms at the base of the mountains.

World Class Mountains

World Class Mountains

Whistler is easy to get to and impossible to forget, with stunning alpine, interpretive forests and incredible lakes that will keep you motivated in your workouts. Every day you will be outside on the trails.

Guest Reviews

I’ve lost 40lbs in a month here, but the best thing about this program has been being able to empower myself. I’ve never felt more confident that I have all the tools to continue on my own when I go home.

Amanda Spencer, New York

Dearest Cat and the amazing WFV Team Thank you! There are no other words. You’ve all challenged me (physically and emotionally, and I can’t thank you enough. You’ve set me on the path to being both an athlete and adult, plus I can now ride a bike! Never thought that would happen (or the running!) Much love, respect and gratitude!

Ashley Masterton

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